Video Games: A Comedy Show

Comin' to ya LIVE from the Mushroom Kingdom it's none other than the Zoo Tycoon Crew themselves, breakin' down the LATEST and GREATES in video game trends along with NEWS, EVENTS, and everyone's favorite...EMAILS.


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A carefully curated collection of some of the greatest comic book art ever produced. This site showcases the frames that help build our favorite comic books and graphic novels.

Reality Bits Podcast

Two big-shot Hollywood produces are searching for the next great reality show in this completely improvised comedy on the [opendischords] Network.

Stories, But Shorter

Stories, But Shorter showcases the sprawling world of creative writing fiction/non-fiction and the beautiful people who choose to bare their soul on digital paper. Each guest author will get a chance to read their short story or selections from a larger story aloud. Produced by Jeremy Schmidt and hosted by Cassi Jerkins.