Best Moment Of 2018

What goes into a good moment? Can you think of something that happened this year that completely eclipses all others? Perhaps, it’s a moment in a video game (or surrounding a video game) that will stick with us for years to come. This category was very loose, and that’s just how we wanted it. This category will also be filled with SPOILERS galore, so be warned. Here are the nominees:



E3 2018 had many highlights to behold, but none more satisfying than watching those two little Inklings run around only to be disrupted by the Smash logo. That flaming tower of promise, adorning a huge group of characters marked the moment that we would be pining over for months leading up to it’s release. Simply put, this was huge and deserves a spot on our list.



The Messenger was a favorite for at least one member of the VGACS community. It had a lot to offer. Charm. Tight gameplay. Nostalgia out the wazoo. It could have been a breezy few hours of fun semi-interesting throwback, but it was so much more. Upon reaching the halfway point of the game suddenly your environment changes from 8bit to 16bit. This moment made the game feel larger than life. This moment was both astonishing and original.



This was such an obvious choice, but we couldn’t exactly put our finger on why (exactly). Honestly, the whole game felt like one big amazing moment. We could chose the moment when the World Snake helps you fend off a Frost Giant. We could choose the moment you first meet Baldur. We could choose the moment you find out Atreus is really Loki. Or, how about the moment you meet Thor. We chose all of them.




This is our coveted “Runner-Up” prize winner, for which Red Dead Redemption 2 was incredibly grateful to receive (they needed this). Basically, this is the moment where playing the field between these two rivaling families comes to a bloody head. In what is truly a cinematic masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption 2 could have had many moments (even the quiet ones) on this list, but we felt that this moment had the most staying power of them all.



For anyone who played this game, we imagine this was an obvious choice (or at least an option). This game is so good, and the ending culminates everything that is good about the game by wrapping it up into a neat little bow. You could get a number of different endings depending on how you play the game, and none of them are bad. One of them, however, is a real treat to own. Well, it won anyways and that’s all there is to it.

We all have our own personal mountains to climb mountains. Some are actual huge physical mountains, like Madeline in Celeste. Some are creating lists for no reason just to say you “did something” this year. Whichever the mountain you might be faced with, remember these powerful moments in gaming to get you through it.

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