Best New Character Of 2018

Well, we did it! We came out, bloodied and beaten, on the other side of our Game Of The Year lists for 2018. It was tough but we managed to whittle down our extensive categories to a mere WINNER and RUNNER-UP. And, not for nothing we did so (kind of) respectfully. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and if you disagree you are probably right. Seriously, your thoughts and opinions are valid. It’s just like…you weren’t there, ya know?



Unfortunately, Atreus was VETO-ed almost immediately during our deliberations, but do not let his untimely exodus from our list fool you. You will not have to search far for think pieces and GUSH pieces about how impactful his characterization was in God Of War. It’s almost like he was a real boy hanging out with his real dad. Turns out, that’s all gamers ever wanted. Real dads hanging out with their real sons.



Speaking of father figures, this bad-daddy has quite the father-figure (we’re talkin’ dad bod, baby). Dr. Octo never looked and acted so real as he did in Spider Man this year. His tragic arc left us in tears, but that Spider-Suit you get in the end was nice consolation. He didn’t make it far during our deliberations, but he was on there none-the-less. Good old Dr. Octo; no one’s favorite but always there.



Unfortunately, most of us haven’t played Deltarune. However, Ari Grabb swears by her, and he knows what he’s talking about! I mean if she is anything like the delightful characters in Undertale then she seems like an obvious choice. From what we can surmise from her sprite…she looks really cool?



Red Dead Redemption 2 was a divisive game for so many excited fans of the series. It had issues with pacing and slow-down. However, the one thing no one was on the fence about was Arthur Morgan. Universally loved by all, he is a character who both exemplifies the West, yet is open enough to act as a surrogate for your own interpretation. Rockstar is known for their amazing characters in games, but this one has earned it’s place at RUNNER-UP in our list of Best New Character Of 2018.



Congratulations to Madeline from Celeste, for she exemplifies exactly what VGACS looks for in a well-rounded new character favorite. She is strong, but vulnerable. She has a beautiful arc that made every other character this year looks like flat nothings in a sea of clear-colored milk-toast. It’s not every day that a game (dealing with depression) will nail it’s theme so hard, and maybe Celeste barely gets there, but it would be nothing without this protagonist. She is a welcome first-ever addition to the VGACS family of best new characters.

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