ep.46 – The Great Mario Debate 2019 (Mario Maker 2)

Today, we finally answer the question that has plagued mankind since at least 1989…which Mario is the best Mario. Jeremy Schmidt, Michael McCollor, and Jacques Mouledoux present their cases for best Mario game to a third party (impartial and unbiased) Mikey Stephens. The case is hot, and the spoils are rich. Up for debate is Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. You’ll never guess who comes out on top. Also, we talk Witcher 3, Resident Evil 4, and Stardew Valley.

Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime

Michael McCollor: @michaelmccollor

Mikey Stephens: @mikeylovesmikey

Jacques Mouledoux: @jacquesness

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