ep.105 – Video Games: A Comedy GAME Show

Introducing a brand new game show into the VGACS rotation, Video Games: A Comedy GAME Show capitalizes on all of the excitement of winning a game show without any of the distracting rewards. By combining video games and little bit of math (for good measure) we have come up with the perfect competition that tests our wit, skill, and most importantly, knowledge. It’s too much to explain here, we explain MUCH better in the episode. We also talk Red Dead Redemption 2, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Yellow, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Fall Guys, and much much more!


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The Show: @vgacomedyshow

Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime

Michael McCollor: @michaelmccollor

Nick Costanza: @nick_costanza

Michael Hearn: @michaelchearn

Jacques Mouledoux: @jacquesnessmonster

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