ep.115 – PlayStation 2 (Space Solace VI)

In honor of the PlayStation 2’s 20th birthday we are taking a little trip back into outer space. From the deep recesses of the Lylat System – the Zoo Tycoon Crew carry a payload of every single PlayStation 2 game ever released. We introduce Jake Sprague into the fray as we careen safely towards home. I just hope…nothing…happens. We also talk Ghosts of Tsushima, Resident Evil VII, NBA 2K21, Super Mario 3D Land, and much much more!


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The Show: @vgacomedyshow

Jeremy Schmidt: @ ocarinaofcrime

Conner McCabe: @conner_mccabe

Mikey Stephens: @mikylovesmikey

July Diaz: @julydiaz

Michael Hearn: @michaelchearn

Jake Sprague: @jakesprague

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