ep.22 – Most Anticipated Games of 2019 (1/7/19)

In the infamous words of John Goodman in the 90s dinosaur classic We’re Back, “we’re back!” That’s right. The Zoo Tycoon crew is back to their bullshit. Talking about games. Makin’ jokes. Laughin’.

Today we discuss everything we are excited for in the new year. Resident Evil 2 Remake. Anthem. Kingdom Hearts III. Sekiro: Shados Die Twice. Animal Crossing. Final Fantasies on the Switch. And so much more. Thanks for all of your support and let’s have a great year, shall we?

Jeremy Schmidt: @Ocarinaofcrime

Michael McCollor: @MichaelMcCollor

Michael Stephens: @mikeylovesmikey

Conner McCabe: @Conner_McCabe

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