Today, brings you a very special episode. It is Video Games: A Comedy Show fiftieth birthday. We bring on back on most of the crew to speak about their most memorable experiences on the show, and what they look forward to in the future. This episode has more bits in it than we ever imagined possible during such a gush-fest, and somehow we still manage to talk video games almost exclusively. Make sure you listen to the end for some additional goof-em-ups.

Thank you so much for listening. Here is to 50 more!

The Show: @vgacomedyshow

Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime

Michael McCollor: @michaelmccollor

Conner McCabe: @conner_mccabe

Michael Hearn: @michaelchearn

Mikey Stephens: @mikeylovesmikey

Jacques Mouledoux: @jacquenessmonster

July Diaz: @julydiaz

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