Game Of The Year 2018

It’s finally here. The post you have all been waiting for. What do four hard-struggling comedians think of all of the video games that came out in 2018? Well, turns out we have a lot of thoughts on the matter. We went hard on this category (obviously) because it is our first GOTY and we wanted to make it count, plus it was fun. Lots and lots of fun. Thanks for great year everyone, see you in the New Year (2019).



This was eliminated from the running almost immediately due to a wild VETO from Mr. Michael McCollor. Hey, what are you gonna do? It’s the rules. However, this was a great game. It came to us very late in the year but in no time at all it had clocked so many hours on so many of our Nintendo Switches. We love this game and can’t wait for the DLC. Smash away you game-likers. Smash away.



This game was also annihilated almost immediately in retaliation by Mr. Ari Grabb. However, that does not take away from how impactful this entry was to this category. A whole person on the squad (me) did not even play this game (too intimidated), but it still was a contender for Game Of The Year. It’s beautiful. It’s bold. It’s big. It’s red. Dead. And, hopefully redeemed. While it will likely have the staying power for many others GOTY lists, it remains a nominee hovering around what we imagine is #4.



This game was a huge success for Sony and a welcome Spider Man game in a world where Spider Man games aren’t very good. Taking a lot of nods from the Batman: Arkham Trilogy, Spider Man is an open world swing-a-thon that is filled with plenty of things to do and story to digest. We love this game, but it was a pretty unanimous that this game would not win GOTY, which is sad because it is very good. It’s just that…other games that came out this year were better, and that’s all there is to it.



This was so close to sweeping almost every category during our deliberations, but weirdly enough it only landed as a “Runner-Up” in one category. Of course, Game Of The Year – Runner-Up is nothing to shake an axe at, but still many would say this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this game deserves. Breathtaking story. Beautifully acted and executed. Amazing characters (both new and old). God Of War (PS4) has it all, and you should waste not another second before playing this masterpiece.



Simply put, Celeste is one of the greatest games ever made. It is conceptually tight, but it’s gameplay is even tighter. It jostled the 2D platforming “Splatformer” fatigue out of us and gained our respect. As a group of young people who all battle with depression, this was an immediate hit with our crew. Although, the final ruling for Game Of The Year was a tough call, none of us were too disappointed to see Celeste take the crown. Congrats to the team who made this game (they are likely never going to read this), and may you make many more in the years to come.


Happy New Years!

From Jeremy Schmidt, and all of the Zoo Tycoon Crew.

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