Best Music Of 2018

Much like pornography, you know good music when you hear it. Hm…not sure if that’s right, but it feels right (just like the following entries for Best Music Of 2018). The nominees came from a very long list; quite possibly the longest list of any category this year. Needless to say, the discussion was hot. But, here we are with five incredibly qualified entries for Best Music Of 2018.



This is not video game music. This is music that comes from a YouTube video, but in Mr. Ari Grabb’s defense he did play video games while listening to this. However, weird of an entry it might be, the playlist is good and you should listen to it. It kind of just…goes and goes. Acclaimed, “lofi hip hop to study game and relax to” is one of those “good things to know about.” Support it in 2019 and moving forward as you battle monsters, wrestle existential fears, or study.



God Of War (2018) was all about well-timed moments of swelling orchestral scoring that enhanced this game exponentially. What was most impressive was how molded everything felt for the matter at hand. Beyond your average fast paced for high speed moments, parts of the score felt completely catered to the specific movements of characters. It was great.



It wasn’t one particular piece from Smash Bros. – it was the whole damn thing. This game has a collected 1 million trillion songs all celebrating the span of Nintendo’s reign over video game’s supreme. Like a perfectly curated library of video game history, this game doesn’t even flaunt it. This would have definitely won if the category were for how MUCH music is in a game, but it’ll have to do here around the middle of this list.




It goes to show you how important music can be in a video game when the artistic team behind Celeste named composer Lena Raine as one of the three major contributors to the games development. This masterful achievement has been talked about at great length by almost every major journalistic outlet this side of God’s internet. It’s beautiful. The score is beautiful.



All of the things said above about Lena Raine could also be said of Rainbowdragoneyes. The only difference would be, The Messenger’s soundtrack slaps. It won after a lot of convincing, but we (I) strongly believe this is the best music of any game in 2018. Especially, when considering it freely adapts to 8bit and 16bit versions of the game. It’s beautifully executed and easily danceable.


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