ep.52 – Famous Video Game Demos

Yes, we love the full version of video games, but what about those smaller (more marketable) experiences of yesteryear? We are talkin’ DEMOS, baby! From the days of floppy disks up until digital downloads changed the landscape of video game demos, these little guys were the only way you could experience a game without shelling out the hard cash for something you might not like. Developers took the time to craft specific experiences for some of the more memorable demos, and here we are…talkin’ about it on mic. We also talk Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2, Judgement, and much more!

The Show: @vgacomedyshow

Jeremy Schmidt: @ocarinaofcrime

Michael McCollor: @michaelmccollor

Michael Hearn: @michaelchearn

Conner McCabe: @conner_mccabe

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