Who Is Having The Best Year?

Before announcing our Game Of The Year we wanted to send off this year’s show with a lighter category. There wasn’t much in terms of specifics because we just wanted to lob it up to the Zoo Tycoon Crew to see who they thought were having the best year. It could be a person fictional/living/dead or a company in some cases. The following nominees were great examples of those who came out ahead in 2018. Enjoy!



Pokémon Go was a cultural phenomenon in a long line of cultural phenomenons caused by Pokémon. However, like anything that has ever happened in all of things happening, it kind of fizzled. People stopped playing it as much, in fact, most of us forget it existed until a little thing called Let’s Go, Eevee and Let’s Go, Eevee hit the shelves. Now, it really benefits those who stuck with the original game, as they are able to transfer data to and from their Pokémon Go accounts. What a world we live in.



This was nominated by Mr. Michael McCollor and though Nintendo absolutely crushed it last year, they still had a very good run in 2018. A Pokémon title, Smash Bros. Ultimate, and launching their online service made for a very exciting year. They certainly belong on this list and we wish Nintendo a spot on this list for every year to come. Lord knows, they need this.



In general, this was very good year for Assassins / Killers-For-Hire. With the release of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Hitman 2 we had some really great times with a collection of paid murderers. What about Red Dead Redemption 2? You can be hired to kill people in that. Wow! This entry was dark, but true none-the-less.



Unless you lived through 2018 the name Richter Belmont should have been a lost and forgotten thing. But, this year Richter came back in a big bad way…well kind of. This entry is more about the Belmonts in general…and maybe Castlevania if you want to get picky about it. Castlevania is having a really good year. The Netflix show along with a re-release of Rondo Of Blood and Symphony Of The Night on PS4, plus Simon and Richter both are finally playable in Smash. These vampire hunting boys had a great year, no two ways about it.



This entry started as a nomination for credit card companies who bank on micro-transactions from rich kids, but ended as a whopping nomination for Epic, the company behind Fortnite. They truly have had the best year of anyone else on the list. Between winning big with Fortnite, or starting the best development split ever heard of (88% revenue share) they are winning both financially and morally. Hopefully, this keeps up as they launch their Steam-like online gaming outlet, but they will always have this year…2018.

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